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I create a product that helps the business work
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Hi there on my page! I'm a marketer and website developer. Using visuals, content, and code, I create a product that reflects your business.
Creating a Tilda site
Creating a one-page website
The final cost is formed after discussing the project
Order one-page site
Creating a business card site
Website maintenance
The cost and terms depend on your tasks and are discussed individually
  • Content filling
    Texts, photos, descriptions. All texts are prepared for promotion, original and SEO-optimized.
  • SEO-optimization of pages and rise in search results
    Writing meta tags and titles in the seo-optimization section. Monitoring the rise of the site in search and adjustments in the work.
  • Technical support
    Work with errors within the site. Changes in the structure of the site, work with the admin, hosting and domains.
  • Setting up contextual advertising
    If necessary, we set up contextual advertising: Yandex Direct.
  • Design changes
    Upon request, we change not only the text content of sites and content, but also the visual part of the site - colors, design, blocks, etc.
  • Creation and filling of new pages
    Changes in the assortment, the addition of new products, services, new information - we do everything so that your client sees the most relevant information.
Tilda Site
Creating a multi-page site
The final cost is formed after discussing the project
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Bitrix site
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